Hand foot massage

Hand foot massage.

At divers homes for the elderly at people at home and other residential care homes starting at 55+.

Oh, how nice, you grab the happiness and create moments of joy from top to bottom. How nice you even have a surprise arrangement. Nice you bring people in the here and now.

A very nice way to work with peoplen, Anne.


I feel super relaxed when you have been here.

I can move my right better arm after your massage.

I improve, so I will definitely continue with your massage and nice I can reimbuse it through my medical care program because we also talk about nutrition.

I feel extremely well, thanks to you.

I would like to have an extra quarter of feet massage, is that possible?

Instead of 15 minutes I would like 30 minutes, is that possible?

These are a few testimonials with regard to hand and feet massage.

Hand and feet massage. The hand and feet massage takes place at the table

I do the hand and feet massage myself and for the deeper muscles I take my equipment.

Thanks to the massage you will be feeling better. You’ll start to feel more easily and feel better.


The hand feet massage provide:

The reduction of fear, stress and tension because of the release of muscle hormons.

Hand and feet massage reduces munching, stress, depressive feelings and moodswings. You’ll start to feel better and able to handle things. Or do you need, for whatever reason a lift…. Do you feel okay, but can it be better of do you have complaints for which you have not yet found a relief? Think about hand-feet massage.

Besides hand an food-massage, I am also a health-coach.

This means that we can also have coaching conversations at the kitchen-table or at my office. As  a health-coach I provide advice with regard to nourishment and stress-reveal. You can feel beter again in your work- and living environment.

I am a member of the branch association of weight-consultants in the Netherlands. For this reason you might get reimbursement through your health-insurace.

Ask your health-insurance.


Annet van Prooijen: +31 626 80 4557

Email: vprooijen1@hotmail.com